Breathe Block print michelle han

Breathe - warm gray


From the "Wisdom Sayings" series...

The prints from this series are illustrations of my favorite wisdom quotations from across literature, culture and history. They were born out of a desire to learn from the great trove of experience and lessons from those who came before us.


This illustration was inspired by Michelle's recent foray into modern dance and yoga, which turned out to be a tremendously therapeutic and healing practice. 


Paper size: 8 x 10 in. These prints are printed on acid-free Superfine paper in white, which has a smooth matte finish. They are printed using oil based printmaking inks, printed on a tabletop etching press. All colors are hand mixed and unique.


A bit about printmaking: The design is hand drawn and transferred onto a linoleum block, which is then carved by hand. When the block is done it is rolled with ink, paper is laid on top and pressed through a hand crank etching press. It is a slow and beautiful, traditional process of making prints.